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Dan's third Club Championship win

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Owen's treble bid is foiled - and so is Roger's bid for No. 5

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The Club's Vision Statement is: β€˜To be the first club of choice for all golfers within the area; to be a required destination for all golfers in East Anglia; and to be on the Must Play list of every golfer.’ We sincerely hope to live up to the expectations of every golfer who tees it up on the 1st tee and we are confident it will be a round to remember. As the course is situated on a Site of Special Scientific Interest we are well aware of our ecological responsibilities and take pride in meeting the requirements of our Higher Level Stewardship agreement. While tees and greens are maintained to the highest standards this does mean that the fairways are natural. So even if they are not green in colour, you can rest assured that we are green in our approach as custodians to a unique environment. Come along and see it for yourself!


Thetford has long been regarded as one of the best winter courses in the region. The heathland course is free-draining and is often playable within minutes of even the heaviest downpour. Our policy is to play on main greens and main tees whenever possible and the course is only closed on average for five-or-so days per year. And you can wear light-coloured clothing without fearing the laundry bill!

It is a terrific challenge for golfers of all abilities. The long par-fours take some reaching when there is not too much run but the par-fives offer the chance of gaining a stroke - as long as you are not too wayward. The four par-threes are crackers - and every now and then they blow up in your face for a surprising high score. 

We welcome visitors and encourage you all to take the chance to play a classic James Braid layout. The challenging tree-lined course has an abundance of scented gorse, broom and heather to greet those who venture too far from the fairway. Individuals, groups, visitors, golf societies and corporate clients will all discover a genuinely warm welcome, excellent golf facilities and fine hospitality.

If you wish to  book a tee time, go to Visitors/Book a Tee Time. Societies are also most welcome - go to Visitors/Societies for details.


We have a vastly experienced team of greenkeepers who are dedicated to making the experience of playing golf at Thetford Golf Club both memorable and pleasurable for members, their guests and our visitors alike. Our administration staff welcome all inquiries and will make it easy to plan your visit. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and hospitable service of the highest quality, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse. We can provide whatever catering you may require, whether as a society or group or as a four-ball or individuals. We also have a first class professional shop with expert instruction available, offering all that you need to improve your game.

Start Date,Subject,Location,Start Time,End Time,Description 2020-09-20,Foursomes (Medal),,07:30,10:00,competition 2020-09-21,Gentle Cup (Medal Over 55s),,07:30,11:30,competition 2020-09-22,NCLGA Lockdown Stableford/RNLI M/D,,08:40,11:40,competition 2020-09-22,Society visit,,13:00,13:20,competition 2020-09-22,Craggy Island GS Society visit,TGC,13:00,13:30,event 2020-09-24,Herts Tigers GS Society visit,TGC,10:00,11:20,event 2020-09-25,Weston Homes OGS Society visit,TGC,10:00,10:30,event 2020-09-25,Stocks GC Society visit,TGC,13:00,13:20,event 2020-09-26,Ladies Phillips Cup A/D,,11:00,11:30,competition 2020-09-26,The Five Counties Scratch League Match at home to Luffenham Heath H (The Five Counties Scratch League),,13:00,13:10,event 2020-09-26,The Five Counties Scratch League Match at home to Luffenham Heath (The Five Counties Scratch League),,13:20,14:00,event 2020-09-27,Nunthorpe Cup 4BBB Stableford,,07:30,11:00,competition 2020-09-27,Thongs Society visit,TGC,13:00,13:30,event 2020-09-29,Ladies Phillips Cup M/D,,08:40,11:40,competition 2020-10-02,Corporate Day,,13:30,13:50,competition 2020-10-03,Captain's Day,,07:30,14:00,competition 2020-10-04,Division 1/Division 2 Medal,,07:30,12:00,competition 2020-10-06,Ladies Autumn Closed Meeting ,,08:30,11:40,competition 2020-10-07,Midweek Medal,,09:00,10:00,competition 2020-10-08,Ladies Open AmAm CANCELLED,,00:00,00:00,competition 2020-10-08,New Members' Evening,,14:00,14:40,competition 2020-10-09,LEGS Society visit,TGC,10:00,10:40,event 2020-10-09,Giraffe GS Society visit,TGC,11:30,00:00,event 2020-10-10,Ladies EG Medal & Triple ,,11:00,11:40,competition 2020-10-10,The Five Counties Scratch League Match at home to Peterborough Milton H (The Five Counties Scratch League),,13:00,14:00,event 2020-10-11,Bill Jennings Trophy (Medal),,08:04,09:56,competition 2020-10-11,The Five Counties Scratch League Match away to Gog Magog A (The Five Counties Scratch League),,12:30,13:00,event 2020-10-13,Ladies EG Medal & Triple,,08:40,11:40,competition 2020-10-14,Seniors Stableford,,07:30,10:30,competition 2020-10-14,Cadgers Golf Society Society,TGC,10:30,11:30,event 2020-10-16,Gurneys Manor GS Society visit,TGC,11:00,11:50,event 2020-10-17,Ladies Stableford & NLCGA A/D,,11:00,11:40,competition 2020-10-18,Fenland GS Society visit,TGC,11:00,11:24,event 2020-10-18,The Five Counties Scratch League Match away to John O'Gaunt A (The Five Counties Scratch League),,13:00,13:30,event 2020-10-18,Mixed Social,,13:30,14:30,competition 2020-10-20,Ladies Stableford & NLCGA M/D,,08:40,11:40,competition 2020-10-21,Midweek Stableford,,09:00,09:56,competition 2020-10-22,BOGS (Braintree),TGC,10:00,11:00,event 2020-10-24,October Stableford,,07:32,11:00,competition 2020-10-24,Ladies Captain v Vice Captain,,11:32,12:28,competition 2020-10-25,Mr Gs Left-Handers' Championship,,10:00,12:00,competition 2020-10-27,Ladies Chisholm Trophy,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-10-28,Hooper Cup (Medal),,07:30,12:00,competition 2020-10-29,CTAGS Society visit,TGC,11:00,11:40,event 2020-10-31,Ladies Halloween Greensomes A/D,,11:00,11:24,competition 2020-11-01,Division 1/Division 2 Medal,,07:30,11:00,competition 2020-11-02,Seniors' Texas Scramble & AGM,,07:32,11:00,competition 2020-11-03,Ladies Halloween Greensomes M/D,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-11-05,Festive Pairs,,08:00,12:00,competition 2020-11-07,Poppy Day Stableford,,07:30,11:30,competition 2020-11-07,Ladies EG Medal & Krumrine Qualifier A/D,,11:40,12:00,competition 2020-11-08,Winter League 1 4S,,07:30,10:30,competition 2020-11-10,Ladies EG Medal & Krumrine Qualifier M/D,,08:44,10:20,competition 2020-11-14,Turkey Trot (Pairs BB Stableford),,08:00,10:40,competition 2020-11-14,Ladies Waltz AD,,11:00,11:24,competition 2020-11-15,Captain's Carvery,,11:00,12:28,competition 2020-11-17,Ladies Waltz M/D,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-11-18,Midweek Stableford,,09:00,09:56,competition 2020-11-18,Wisbech & District GS Society,TGC,10:30,11:20,event 2020-11-21,Ladies Stableford A/D,,10:30,11:00,competition 2020-11-22,Winter League 2 (4BBB),,08:04,09:56,competition 2020-11-23,Seniors Stableford,,09:00,09:56,competition 2020-11-24,Ladies Stableford M/D,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-11-28,Ladies Turkey Trot AD,,11:00,11:24,competition 2020-11-29,Division 1/Division 2 Medal,,08:04,10:28,competition 2020-12-01,Ladies Turkey Trot MD,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-12-05,Every One a Winner (Shotgun start),,08:00,12:30,competition 2020-12-06,Winter Open,,09:32,11:24,competition 2020-12-07,Seniors Team v Ladies Team,,08:04,11:00,competition 2020-12-08,Ladies golf,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-12-10,Hassra GS Society visit,TGC,10:30,11:10,event 2020-12-12,Ladies Christmas Cracker A/D,,11:00,11:24,competition 2020-12-13,Winter League 3 (4S),,08:04,10:28,competition 2020-12-14,Seniors Stableford,,08:04,11:00,competition 2020-12-15,Ladies Christmas Cracker M/D,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-12-16,Midweek Stableford,,09:00,09:56,competition 2020-12-16,TOGS Society visit,TGC,10:30,10:45,event 2020-12-19,Ladies Stableford AD,,11:00,11:24,competition 2020-12-20,Men's Stableford,,08:04,11:00,competition 2020-12-22,Ladies Stableford MD,,08:44,11:00,competition 2020-12-27,New Year Shotgun Start,,00:00,00:00,competition 2020-12-29,Ladies Golf,,08:44,11:00,competition 2021-01-08,Burwell GS Society day,TGC,10:00,10:45,event 2021-04-08,Ladies League 1 Match at home to Great Yarmouth & Caister (Ladies League 1),,11:30,12:10,event 2021-06-11,Quendon & Rickling Society visit,TGC,11:00,11:40,event 2021-06-16,Old Hurst Jonian GS Society visit,TGC,10:00,10:30,event