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Why not invite a friend to play in the Festive Open?

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Places still available in the final Open event of the year

Dean ends the season in style

Monday 16th October 2017

Teenager's handicap cut to five after Bill Jennings triumph

Millennium Cup result

Monday 9th October 2017

The annual match between the men and the ladies had a close finish - with the men just holding on to win

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Festive Open ends our 2017 season

There are still places available in our Festive Open on Thursday November 9.

If you would like to take part you can download an entry form by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can book and pay online by going to the relevant date in our Diary section.

Please note that our other Open event this year, the Ladies' October AmAm, has been fully booked for several months.

Comments on the Seniors Open 2017

Following this year's competition we received the following email from one of the competitors:
"Thank you so much, once again, for the excellent organisation of today's competition. We thoroughly enjoyed the course, the welcome and the meal and look forward to joining you at other Open competitions. We were a little put out to find that not only were there 2 pairs of members from Thetford Golf Club in the top 4 places but that the winning pair are also members of the Club. It does leave a rather sour taste in the mouth for the many visitors when Club members are eligible to win Open competitions. I recently played in an Open competition at Royal Norwich G. C. where we partnered 2 members, however, the Members and visitors competitions and prizes were totally separate. At our own Seniors' Pairs Open at Stoke-by-Nayland, club members were not eligible for prizes. Maybe a thought for the future? We look forward to further Open competitions at Thetford.

Thetford manager Malcolm Grubb replied: We were aware (with slight embarrassment) of the success of the Thetford members. However. Each year our Open events are advertised widely throughout the region and are generally well supported by players from all over East Anglia. Most are quickly sold out. Yesterday's event was not a sell-out. In order to complete the field we open up places to our members and out of the field of 46 pairs yesterday there were three Thetford pairings and four Thetford members played with guests from other Clubs. Overall we had players from 36 different Clubs taking part. If we had split the prizes into Visitors and Members we would have had just seven teams in contention for the latter prizes. As it happened two of the three Thetford pairs came in with the best scores. This was unexpected - but their winning scores were in reach of most of the players in the field - 42pts for a better-ball event is not very high and the 41pts was matched by three other pairs but happened to have the better back nine on the card. Yesterday's results were unusual. I have had a quick check of the results of our five Open events for the past two years. Thetford teams have received the first prize on two occasions out of 10 (including yesterday); there have been 34 prizes for the "placed" finishers and one has gone to an all-Thetford pair or team, and four others to pairs or teams that included Thetford players. We wish to present the best Open competitions in the area and we want those who take part to have a great day out and enjoy playing our course. We have a high percentage of players who return year after year, which is appreciated. We do not wish to have any "sour taste" and so we will review the matter. Since your comments may well represent the views of others who played yesterday, would you have any objection to me publishing your email (anonymously) and my reply on our website?

There was a response as follows: 

Many thanks for your detailed and considered reply, Malcolm. I would be pleased if our comments were published on your website as there certainly were mutterings from other players during the presentations. Perhaps in retrospect it might have been preferable to play the competition with less than the "sell-out" number of pairs so the concerns regarding Members participating did not arise.  Our inaugural Senior Open at Stoke-by-Nayland last week had only 30 pairs competing (we hope for more in the future) and a super day was had by all.  We did not consider it appropriate for club members to play to make up the numbers; we may have had to ask 2 members to play alongside the 31st pair, but the members would not have been eligible for prizes (in the event, the 31st pair dropped out at the last minute so the matter did not arise). Malcolm, I would not like you to think that my comments were anything more than information for you regarding the comments I heard and my own feelings.  You will note that I have participated in many Opens at Thetford and have nothing but praise for the Club and, in particular, for you personally for the excellent organisation of these most enjoyable events. I look forward to playing in the Festive Open and in many future open events at Thetford GC.


One unfortunate feature of the Senior Captain's Open was the number of errors made on scorecards. One pair had to be disqualified and three others had their totals reduced because they had signed for incorrect scores. With a better-ball competition you are reliant on your marker making a good job of things - and you really must double and treble-check the scores to make sure it is correct. The player, of course, is responsible for his own card. If you sign for a score which is lower than you actually recorded you are DQ'd. If you sign for a score which is higher than you actually took - that is the score that counts. It is harsh but it is applied to all golfing events, from the Open Championship to a midweek Stableford.

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