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September 17:  Senior Captain's Open

September 5:  Three Captains' Charity Day


Thursday November 7: Festive Open  

Sunday October 27:  Mr G's Left-Handers' Championship 

Thursday October 10:  Ladies' AmAm 

Thursday September 19: Senior Captain's Open  

Thursday July 11: Seniors' AmAm  

Saturday July 6:  Captain's Charity Day 

Wednesday May 8: Mixed Open 

Thursday April 11: Spring Open 


Thursday November 9: Festive Open   

Thursday October 11:  Ladies' Open AmAm    

Thursday September 13: Senior Captain's Open    

Thursday August 16:  Ladies' AmAm    

Saturday July 7:  Bob Pearson's Captain's Charity Day    


Friday June 22:  Seniors' AmAm    

Thursday June 21:  ProAm/AmAm    

Tuesday June 19: Mixed Open  

Thursday April 5:  Men's Spring Open Pairs  


Thursday November 9: Festive Open     

Thursday October 12: Ladies' AmAm  

Thursday September 14:  Senior Captain's Open  

Thursday August 17: Ladies' August AmAm  

Sunday August 13 2017:  Men's AmAm

Thursday July 13: Seniors' AmAm

Saturday July 1: Trevor Wignall's Captain's Charity Day

Wednesday May 10 2017:  Mixed Open 

Thursday April 6:  Men's Spring Open 


Thursday April 7: Men's Spring Open
Wednesday, May 11: Mixed Open
Saturday July 2: Alan Brown Captain's Charity Day
Thursday July 14: Seniors' Am-Am
Sunday August 14:  Men's Am-Am
Thursday August 18: Ladies' AmAm
Thursday September 15: Les Dewey's Senior Captain's Open
Thursday October 13: Ladies' Am-Am
Thursday November 10: Festive Open

Thursday, April 2:  Men's Spring Open
Wednesday, May 13:  Mixed Open
Thursday, July 16:  Seniors Am-Am
Sunday, August 16:  Men's Am-Am
Thursday September 17: Senior Captain's Open
Thursday November 12: Festive Open

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