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Visitors Welcome Visitors Welcome


We are ready to welcome visitors back to have a great day out at Thetford.

There are revised restrictions to meet Covid 19 requirements as follows:

Thetford Golf Club’s approved procedure for societies, October 2020

Bookings: Advance bookings for societies are accepted subject to these procedures being agreed.

A provisional booking form will be sent after the initial booking, and a £100 deposit will be required within 14 days to secure the tee times.

Numbers: To secure Society rates there must be 12+ players. If numbers drop below 12 the daily green fee rate will apply.

Covid 19 restrictions: Thetford GC is in Tier 1 of the Local Restrictions announced on October 14 and these restrictions will apply to all visitors. 

Organiser’s responsibilities: Bookings will be made in the name of the organiser who will be responsible for all Society members following these procedures. The organiser must notify us if any of the group are from Tier 2 at the time of booking. The organiser will arrange payment in full on the day. The preferred method of payment is card or cheque.

Confirmation: The organiser must confirm numbers and final arrangements at least 48 hours before the date along with the names of all players and confirmation if Tier 2 residents are included. If so, Tier 2 restrictions will apply to the whole group. Any withdrawals or cancellations after that are liable to being charged. Catering costs will be charged.

On the day: The organiser must confirm if there have been any changes regarding Tier 2 residents. All visitors must observe Social Distancing and the Rule of Six - and preferably should not make up groups of more than four. All groups should stagger their arrival to avoid larger gatherings. If catering has been ordered before play visitors must follow instructions given by staff. Players may not go to the putting green/tee area until 15 minutes before their tee times. In the event of players arriving early, they must be prepared to remain in their vehicles in the car park.

After the round: All players must leave the course and store away their equipment in their vehicles. They may then return to the patio area via the one-way system towards the 1st hole around the pro shop. They may use tables and chairs as set out – they must not move any furniture. Drinks/snacks can be ordered at the table and must be paid for by a contactless card system. If catering has been ordered visitors will be advised where and how it will be served.

Using the patio and Clubhouse: All users must be named. If they have a tee booking we will have a record of their names. If any non-players are included they must give their names to TGC staff.

Leaving the club:  In order to ensure tables can be cleared and cleaned between each use, players must leave the club after consuming their food and drink. At busy times visitors should expect to be limited to 30-40 minutes before they should leave tables/chairs for the use of later groups of players.

Malcolm Grubb, Manager.

  • Please call the office on 01842 752169 for more information.

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