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Types of Lessons

Ladies & Seniors Coffee Mornings

These are run at both academies and are very popular due to the relaxed manner in how they are run. You have a one hour golf lesson where we cover a different part of the game each week which is then followed with coffee & biscuits. These sessions are open to everyone, members and non, beginners and single figure handicappers.

A Beginner

Golf is a great game and you have come to the right place to learn, as we make sure that you have as much fun as possible when learning. We can offer individual or group lessons throughout the year, with individual lessons at a time and day to suit you and group sessions on an organised schedule. Please get in contact and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Looking to Improve

We can cater for exactly what you are looking for, from a quick fix to a more in-depth program to move your game to the next level. You can either come in and tell us what you would like to work on, or we can carry out a game assessment first (recommended), either way we will listen to what you require and help accordingly.

Short Game Master Class

This is the area that I specialise in, and one where I am confident in you seeing a huge improvement after attending a Master Class session which could run from 2-3 hours, to a weeks tuition in the sun. Short game is the magical side of golf where you can create a moment of magic from an impossible position, how? By fully understanding the possibilities and techniques available to you, and this is what I can teach you.

Members and non-members welcome!

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