Thetford Golf Club

Entrant List for Captains' Charity Day

52 players have been signed up for this competition as of 9:30 PM Sunday 25th February

Neil Adams (16.8)
Keith Allsop (15.0)
Dan Anderson (26.0)
Carl Bailey ()
Phil Beer (7.3)
Harold Block (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Paul Brett ()
Andrew Chivers (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Katie CLARK (Stoke by Nayland Golf Club)
Mark Clark (Stoke by Nayland Golf Club)
Jon Congdon (7.0)
Roger Davies (Stoke by Nayland Golf Club)
Jake Davis (22.0)
Paul Draycott (13.8)
Neil Elers (8.9)
Matt Ellis ()
Stephen Forbes (16.2)
George Gibbs (Sprowston Manor Hotel & Country Club)
Gill Gibbs (Caldecott Hall Golf Club)
Justin Gibbs (Sprowston Manor Hotel & Country Club)
William Gibson (16.8)
Kay Green (Spalding Golf Club)
Martyn Green (Spalding Golf Club)
Kevin Hamilton (17.3)
Christopher Hawkins (12.5)
Mark Henfield (3.9)
Barry Hurren (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Martyn Jones (15.9)
Sam Jones (Mid Herts)
Colin Lewis (17.0)
Thomas Miles (Mid Herts)
Kristian Moseley (Mid Herts)
Paul Newdick (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Paul Pearce (4.0)
Michael Pepper (1.2)
Tommy Perry (22.0)
Craig Pettit ()
Martin Pettitt (iGolf)
Shaun Phillips (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Sue Pitcher (11.0)
Matthew Rees (Mid Herts)
Roger Rice (Caldecott Hall Golf Club)
Peter Sandry (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Jim Sanford (18.4)
Steve Spencer (Bury St Edmunds Golf Club)
Doug Stephen (9.0)
Martin A P Welham (11.3)
J M West (Spalding Golf Club)
Sally West (Spalding Golf Club)
Tim Williams (11.7)
Jake Winter (28.0)
David Yates (Braintree Golf Club)

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