Thetford Golf Club

Entrant List for Men's Spring Open

119 players have been signed up for this competition as of 12:50 AM Saturday 21st May

Daniel Abrahams (Maylands)
Gary Aldis (Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club)
Joe Andrews (The Essex)
Dean Archer (Orsett Golf Club)
Andrew Atkins (Spalding Golf Club)
Lee Atkins (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Mark Atkins (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Luke Austin (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Adrian Baines (The Essex)
Reece Baker (The Millbrook)
Peter Ballard (Wensum Valley Golf Club)
Mark Barber (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
Richard Barker (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Michael Belcher (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Kevin Blazer (Wensum Valley Golf Club)
Karl Bowden (The Essex)
Nicky Bowden (Aylesbury Vale)
John Bowles (Links Golf Club (Newmarket) Golf Club)
Andrew Bremner (11.2)
Nicholas Brewer (Aylesbury Vale)
Nicholas Brewer (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Dale Butler (Aylesbury Vale)
Adam Butters (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
David Cahill (Stowmarket Golf Club)
Angus Cameron (The Gog Magog Golf Club)
Stephen Camm (Spalding Golf Club)
Colin Campbell (Eaton Golf Club)
Bruce Canham (Links Golf Club (Newmarket) Golf Club)
Jason Chainey (Muswell Hill Golf Club)
Matthew Chalk (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Fraser Chamberlain (The Millbrook)
Steve Chambers (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Michael Cheney (Northamptonshire County)
Andy Chilton (Woodford)
John Chilton (Mundesley)
David Clark (iGolf)
Gary Climo (Spalding Golf Club)
Mark Cooley (Spalding Golf Club)
Doug Cummings (Bedford & County)
Mike Dean (Eaton Golf Club)
M Evans (Kings Lynn)
Ian Fisher (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Darren Ford (Spalding Golf Club)
Tommy Goddard (Brampton Park)
Pat Gould (10.0)
Paul Gray (Northamptonshire County)
Matt Green (Aylesbury Vale)
Tim Green (The Essex)
J Greenfield (Kings Lynn)
Paul Guzewich (Wensum Valley Golf Club)
Lee Haverley (Brampton Park)
David Hawes (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
John Hawker (South Beds)
Freddie Holmes (Hainault Forest)
Darren Horne (Aylesbury Vale)
Dominic Irwin (The Essex)
Feisal Issimdar (Mardyke Valley)
Mark Jennings (Kings Lynn)
Neil Jones (The Millbrook)
Panos Kazanas (The Millbrook)
Rob Kilgour (The Essex)
Andy Kind (Beedles Lake)
Cliff Knowlden (Bentley Golf Club)
Mike Ladbrook (Barnham Broom Golf & Country Club)
Jason Lee (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Eamond Legg (Mardyke Valley)
Phil Lloyd-Jackson (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Oliver Lovejoy (The Essex)
Graham Lowe (Aylesbury Vale)
George Masterton (Brampton Park)
Stephen McKoy (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
GRAEME MCNAUGHTON (Rutland Water Golf Course)
Matthew Miller (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Stuart Miller (Brampton Park)
James Moor (The Essex)
John Moore (Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club)
Gary Neill (The Essex)
Tony Noakes (Maylands)
Keneth Norris (Boyce Hill)
Paul Osborne (Northamptonshire County)
Mike Palmer (Links Golf Club (Newmarket) Golf Club)
Laurence Parr (The Essex)
Kevin Peck (Links Golf Club (Newmarket) Golf Club)
David Penney (Stowmarket Golf Club)
Jonathan Poole (Kings Lynn)
Bryan Powell (Colne Valley Golf Club)
Mark Powell (Bawburgh)
John Pullen (Boyce Hill)
Steve Quick (Eaton Golf Club)
Phil Rank (Bawburgh)
Andrew Reynolds (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
Ben Rhoades (Kings Lynn)
Kevin Sayer (Spalding Golf Club)
Jonathan Schomberg (The Essex)
Glenn Sharpe (Stoke Rochford)
Greg Shelton (Luffenham Heath)
Tim Sims (Bawburgh)
Jonathan Sisson (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Thomas Slocombe (The Essex)
David Sparkes (Cuddington)
Darren Spencer (Orsett Golf Club)
Martin Stanford (Denver)
Peter Stelling (12.5)
Chris Swanson (The Essex)
Matt Taylor (Aylesbury Vale)
Paul Thompson (The Essex)
Alister Thorne (Aylesbury Vale)
Mike Toft (Bentley Golf Club)
Keith Townsend (Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club)
Paul Turner (The Gog Magog Golf Club)
Colin Waggott (Stowmarket Golf Club)
Jeremy Walters (Wensum Valley Golf Club)
Ryan Watts (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Stephen Webber (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Robert Westgate (Bedford & County)
Tim Weston (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Sam Whyborn (Middleton Hall Golf Club)
Marc Wingrove (The Essex)
Scott Wright (Middleton Hall Golf Club)

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